Saturday, July 18, 2009

Baju Raya Best Beli Kat Ampang Park

Got my baju raya orde. Finally.

Where else? Same place like last year. Precisely the same boutique. Heh.

N'faz Collection at Ampang Park

Why I like this place?

- The kakak who mans the boutique (which btw owned by her mom) is super-nice and super-friendly. She is not one of those super-annoying salespeople who follows your butt around the shop and when requested for suggestions, they either cannot give a good one or gives a totally bitchy one. The kakak is also chatty and pleasant and does not say "Nak saiz ape ye?" only. Bagus ini kakak *two thumbs up*

- Since I'm a big fan of baju kurung yg jenis baju plain colour with kain batik tu, this is a great boutique to pick my baju raya. A lot of choices for the baju kurung and also in different colours. Some even came with their own selendang. Kewl. The kebayas here are gorgeous too.

- Papa loves batik. There is also a men's collection of batik shirts and baju melayu here.

We spent quite some time in the boutique, Papa was very picky. Haihs.

But something exciting happened though. As I wandered aimlessly in front of the boutique, a few Ampang Park's guards ran past by me. It was so exciting. Me being the kaypoh, went to see what was going on.

Apparently, they saw on the CCTV, a guy who was famous for his penchant for five-finger discounts. Well, IMHO, the guards handled it pretty badly. They were running here and there, in groups and talking on their walkie-talkies and NOT being discreet. Of course that attracted everybody's attention, it was pretty chaotic. Curious civilians flocking to the centre, eyes following the guards as they ran from one point to another. I was like, "The thief is probably gone by now." Yup, the thief got away but he didn't manage to steal anything.

Oh well, there is always a next time, right? You know them thieves, it's an addiction.

My baju kurung will be ready for pick-up on the 8th of August. Hee...can't wait.

Tahun ni, maroon! :D